Chris Smith – Founding Partner.

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Simon Davis – Partner.

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VISIS is an acronym of Virtus, Integritas, Scientia Incedo Sursum. In English, with excellence, integrity & knowledge we ascend. Our name epitomises the values we uphold.

VISIS Private Wealth (VPW) offers a complete wealth management solution, combining financial advice, investment management and complementary services, such as accounting and finance to fulfil our Client’s needs. Our approach starts at the strategic level where a clear, goal-driven plan is created. This combines financial advice (such as entity structures for tax effectiveness, lending structures and insurances) with investment management recommendations across an extensive range of asset classes. With Client involvement, understanding and agreement, we then implement a wealth management plan; continually monitoring it to through a review service to evaluate performance and reviewing it periodically.

We appreciate the intelligence of our clients and the busy lives that they lead, and they take comfort in the knowledge that their financial affairs are expertly managed so they can focus on achieving greater success in their professions and enjoy more care-free time with their families. We have been able to differentiate ourselves to our target market by offering tailored, leading wealth management solutions, through an entirely personalised approach. This is underpinned by our steadfast commitment to a privately owned and independently licensed firm.

Our clients tell us that they value VISIS being Privately Owned and Licenced with no institutional interference. This ensures VISIS can provide advice that suits our clients avoiding conflicted advice and the promotion of products. They also value our integrated wealth management solution via our approach to coordinated strategic advice across a comprehensive range of wealth services. This means they can trust us to distil the variety of alternative strategies available in the market and cut through the noise to apply the solution to suit their individual situation. To achieve this and to have their financial plan, finance facilities and tax/accounting affairs managed in one place and by one person is reassuring and efficient. Our clients also tell us that it is important to deal with us because as owners, and practitioners of the firm, we am committed to a long term relationship and they will not be faced with re-establishing relationships with other advisers over time.

Furthermore, the size of our firm provides for an exceptional client experience through continuity and consistency of advice with the resources to support the provision of timely high quality advice and service. When developing advice and prescribing product solutions the substantial benefit of size, expertise and most importantly impartiality, promotes clarity and cohesion to complex financial affairs resulting in greater transparency. Our clients respect this and have confidence in our objectivity, responsive service and high quality of advice.

Our client-focused approach is reflected at every step of the process.

Our unique wealth management approach allows us to simultaneously…