Why should I choose VISIS Private Wealth?

Private management - frequent asked questionsWhen we prescribe advice and build solutions to deliver results, our advice is based on the premise of putting your interests first, last and always. VISIS is privately owned. We are not indentured to, aligned with or co-owned by any other company or institution. Simply, our clients are free from anti-competitive influence and competing conflicts of interest. This is important for two reasons:

  1. VISIS Private Wealth is an advisory firm, not a company selling financial products. The value of our advice lies in the methodical construction of a financial plan incorporating tailored solutions and the delivery of financial strategies that get results.
  2. We believe the use of in-house financial products will bias advice and limit the effectiveness of the prescribed solution ultimately leading to inhibited performance and inferior results. There is no doubt that your adviser at VISIS works for you, not a bank, fund manager or insurance company.

At VISIS Private Wealth, we combine our wealth management expertise with an entirely personal approach to maximise the potential of your hard-earned wealth. As one of Australia’s leading private wealth firms, our advice is motivated solely by your unique financial and life goals – building tailored solutions and targeted strategies to help you achieve them. We have Advisers that are CFP certified, the highest level of certification that a financial planner can achieve, so our clients get access to the right advice.

VISIS has the resources, knowledge and track record to achieve the results you are looking for. We deliver superior investment advice supported by a robust ongoing management methodology. We have dedicated risk specialists with extensive experience providing a wide range of personal and business insurance advice and who can personally manage claims. Our team of highly qualified accountants and tax advisers strengthens our comprehensive range of wealth management services that are seamlessly delivered to our Clients.

How much does the advice cost?

We have designed our advice and service offering to be scalable to enable us to assist clients at all stages of their life to grow and protect their wealth. Your initial consultation with one of our Advisers is provided free of charge and you are under no obligation to proceed. Following an in-depth discussion of your situation we will identify and discuss with you the services you may require. At this stage we will provide a proposal to develop our advice for a fixed fee. We will also outline the various financial strategies that may be incorporated into our advice and the associated schedule of implementation fees.

The ongoing cost for the monitoring, management and reporting of your financial plan and strategies will depend on the level of complexity of your situation, the amount of work involved and any specific requirements you may have. There are several levels of ongoing service packages to choose from. The fees for each of these levels will be discussed with you at the first meeting and also published in your financial plan.

What type of clients does VISIS advise?

Our client base ranges from graduates just starting out, to highly accomplished executives of public companies. We have established trusted long-term relationships with individual clients, entire families, as well as businesses.

Clients typically seek our help because they recognise the need for expert financial advice, they realise they need a plan to help them reach their goals, or simply don’t have time in their busy schedules to manage their financial affairs properly. Some clients come to us with specific needs such as money to invest or insurances they need to put in place to protect their families and business.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to take advantage of all of our services or to benefit from advanced sophisticated financial strategies and special purpose vehicles. We also understand that whether you aspire to be independently wealthy or simply to protect your family and lead a comfortable life everyone can benefit from advice.

With a dedicated Adviser, we offer affordable advice tailored to your personal situation, regardless of whether you are just starting to build wealth or you are seeking to manage and protect wealth you have already accumulated. We provide advice that enables you to reach your financial goals and lifestyle aspirations, while dealing with today’s financial challenges and optimising your current financial situation.

What can I expect at the first meeting?

Your initial consultation with one of our Advisers is all about getting to know us and determining how VISIS can help. We will outline our approach to financial advice, or what we call the VISIS Way. We will answer all of your questions and give you the information you need to make a decision to engage VISIS as your financial advisory firm.

We will talk to you about the process, the services, how to deal with us, the costs and what to expect from being a client.
We will then move on to understanding your situation. We will help identify and document your financial goals and objectives and any other issues that will assist us when providing best advice.

What do I bring to the first meeting?

The following information will assist us with gaining a clear picture of current situation:

  • financial documents, including superannuation, account balances and income
  • assets and liabilities
  • insurance policies
  • any questions you wish to ask or items you want specific advice on.

What to expect from VISIS?

Our business is built on developing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. We commit to being available at all reasonable times to discuss your financial situation. In the event that your primary VISIS adviser is not available, we will ensure other members of our team are available to assist. You can contact us by email, phone or you can arrange an appointment to discuss your issues. As a VISIS Client, we remain in regular contact with you to review your situation or provide advice.

Why do I need ongoing advice?

We offer Wealth Management Service packages that encompass the ongoing monitoring, management and reporting of your financial plan and the strategies you have implemented. It is crucial that we measure the performance of your financial strategies against the expected outcomes and targets documented in the financial plan including reporting your net wealth. We believe this is fundamental to your success. We don’t believe that a passive attitude to wealth management is a viable approach. Furthermore, static financial strategies will quickly decay leaving your financial plan unsuitable and expired.

We take a proactive approach to advice and to the development of your financial plan. Developing incorporated strategies over time is our key focus. There are a variety of reasons we will contact you including the identification of an opportunity, an invitation to a financial review, to restructure your investment portfolio or on occasion to make a recommendation to renew your financial plan. This approach ensures we constantly evaluate external conditions, consider impacts and adapt your financial strategies as and when required.

How do I refer a friend/family to VISIS?

We work hard to ensure your interests are looked after and like any business we are seeking to grow. To do this we must attract new clients. Our preference is to dedicate the maximum time to providing advice and service to our clients to ensure the likelihood for successful outcomes is also maximised.

You can help contribute to your own success. Referrals from you to family members, friends or colleagues will significantly benefit our business and reduce the time required on our part to attract new clients through other means of marketing. In addition, expenditure saved in marketing reduces upward pressure on advice fees. We appreciate our client’s support in this manner and the contribution to our firm’s growth is highly valued. With your help we can ensure a sound future for VISIS, which translates to greater resources at your disposal.

Email or call your adviser to provide a referral.

What does the company name VISIS mean?

VISIS is an acronym originating from the Latin words “Virtus Integritas Scientia Incedo Sursum”, which translates to English as “with excellence, integrity and knowledge we ascend”. We believe this phrase epitomises our philosophy towards Wealth Management. Our qualified financial advisers, accountants and entire team deliver outstanding service to our clients. We consistently develop and improve the provision of financial services in order to help you achieve all of your financial goals.