Achieved set goals

"My only regret is that I did not place my investments with them earlier. VISIS have achieved (and in fact exceeded) every financial goal that we have set and it is a great credit to both the quality of advice and the reliability of implementation, for which I thank the VISIS team."

The style at VISIS

"The style at VISIS is friendly and engaged. You feel they know your business and are working for your best interests."

Absolute trust and integrity

"Absolute trust and integrity is the hallmark of the relationship I have with VISIS. The proactive and attentive financial planning service they provide ensures our family consistently meets our financial goals. It just happens – and we get on with our lives."

The thing I like best

"The thing I like best about VISIS is that they take a ‘whole of financial’ and hands-on approach with superannuation, taxation, retirement goals and investments integrated into an easily understood, complete investment strategy. Unlike previous advisers, VISIS are active in reviewing and improving my investment strategies. At each portfolio review further improvements have been presented that take advantage of ever-changing government regulations and economic circumstance."