01 Aug 2017

It’s that exciting time of year again when Australia’s best independent, boutique and non-aligned financial advice practitioners and businesses have been recognised as finalists in the prestigious 2017 ifa excellence awards. Now in its fourth year, the ifa Excellence Awards recognise the members of the independent and non-institutional financial advice community that are leading the […]

24 Feb 2017

As the world grapples with the ramifications of the historic and unexpected vote by the UK to leave the EU (Brexit), the investment team at VISIS have been analysing the potential impacts on investment markets, asset allocations and investment portfolios. Following this analysis and after consultation with a range of global investment professionals our initial […]

24 Feb 2017

The 24/7 media cycle has it as the worst thing to ever occur in financial markets.  Those who are paid to have an opinion are outdoing each other for headlines and hyperbole. I’m sure however we’ve been here before. Remember all the below problems that were bound to destroy the world’s financial markets. Does anyone […]

31 Aug 2015

Earlier this month the team at VISIS Private Wealth were honoured to be recipients of three prestigious national awards announced at the Independent Financial Adviser Awards. As published (see article here) “the ifa Excellence Awards celebrate best practice advice provision and business acumen in the independently-owned sector of the financial planning market.” “Over 350 of the nation’s […]

01 Jul 2015

Australian and overseas investors have been pushing up house prices in Sydney and Melbourne sparking talk of a property bubble. The Governor of the Reserve Bank says the Sydney property market is crazy, adding to the national debate about housing affordability, especially for first homebuyers. While only parts of the country are in bubble territory, some of the solutions being suggested have the potential to affect all property investors, wherever they live. You can find our July […]

13 May 2015

In what has been dubbed the ‘have a go’ budget, Treasurer Joe Hockey has moved to restore the confidence of ordinary Australians in the country’s growth prospects. The big winners are small business, families, farmers and job-seekers, with spending measures designed to stimulate spending, investment and growth. There is also a big lift in spending […]

01 Apr 2015

Good Afternoon We Australians like to think we live in the Lucky Country, but do the hard economic numbers stack up? The recent Intergenerational Report warned that radical changes are needed if Australia hopes to put its budget on a sustainable footing in the decades ahead. In this month’s newsletter we weigh up Australia’s economic […]

02 Mar 2015

Summer is over and the days should begin to cool down now that autumn is here. We hope you enjoy our March articles, the first of which looks at deflation. Low interest rates and discounting of petrol and household items are good for consumers. But falling prices can lead to deflation, with implications for the […]