04 Mar 2014

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After one of the hottest summers on record across Australia, we now welcome Autumn with its many colours. The winter Olympics have come and gone, and despite not having won a gold medal at Sochi we still managed 2 silver medals and a bronze medal.

The recent press about the US Federal Reserve’s decision to reduce quantitative easing (otherwise known as “tapering” the printing of money) has sparked interest worldwide, so we have included this as the first article in our Autumn newsletter.

We also address the importance of insurance cover – highlighting ways in which insurance premiums can be paid without affecting your hip pocket.

Did you know there are parallels between online dating and investing? As strange as this may seem, applying good business principles to the online dating game can go a long way to finding your Mr or Mrs Right. Read our final article to find out more.

As always, if you would like to discuss the contents of this newsletter don’t hesitate to call our office on (07) 3232 4004.

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