05 Jun 2015

Winter is here, the perfect time to rug up and plan a mid-year break to the snow or to warmer climates. But before you head off, June is also the month to take advantage of any last minute opportunities to reduce your tax bill before the end of the financial year so check out our tax tips in our first article.

Given that the end of the financial year is fast approaching and if you’ve been thinking about income protection insurance, this is the time to act. Not only will it protect your most important asset – your ability to earn an income – but you may be able to pre-pay 12 months’ premiums in June and claim a tax deduction.

Getting a driver’s licence used to be a rite of passage, but Gen Y is shunning car ownership. Our final article looks at the growing appeal of ride sharing services and other practical alternatives to owning your own set of wheels.

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