02 Oct 2013

Medical researchers believe they are one step closer to finding a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS), following a milestone discovery.

AAP has reported that a group of international scientists, including an Australian contingent, has discovered 48 previously unknown genes that influence the risk of developing MS. Researchers believe the findings underline the central role the immune system plays in the development of the disease.

David Booth, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and leader of the Australian and New Zealand components of the research, told AAP the findings represented a major milestone in the quest for a cure for MS. “The exciting thing about this is we have doubled the number of genes that we now know are associated with MS,” Mr Booth said.

“What that means is every one of those new genes is potentially providing us with a new way to understand the disease and to come up with new therapies for the disease.”

Published on riskinfo.com.au

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