18 Mar 2013

5: St. Patrick’s Day began as a religious holiday to honor the saint who, in the fifth century, introduced Christianity to Ireland.

1762: The first St. Patrick’s Day parade happened in New York on March 17, 1762.

133 million: People in the U.S. who plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in 2013.

84.2%: Percentage of those celebrating who plan to wear green.

$4.7 billion: Expected St. Patrick’s Day spending in 2013.

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2,900: Species of snakes. According to legend, St. Patrick drove all of the snakes from Ireland.

1 in 10,000: Occurrence of a white four-leaf clover for every common three-leaved clover.

40: Pounds of dye needed to turn the Chicago River green for the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

7: Places in the U.S. named Shamrock.

13: Places in the U.S. named Dublin.

17-641: Pantone number for emerald, the 2013 Pantone color of the year.

6: Movies in the original “Leprechaun” franchise. Jennifer Aniston had one of her first starring roles in the original “Leprechaun,” released in 1993. A reboot is planned for possible release this year.

4: Ireland’s global rank in beer consumption per capita in 2011, with 101.1 liters.

15: The U.S. rank in beer consumption per capita, with 76.6 liters.

34.5 million: People in the U.S. with Irish ancestry, as of 2011.

530: Calories in a 12-ounce McDonald’s limited-edition green Shamrock Shake.

Source: CNN.

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