investment management

The number one service requested by our Clients is Investment Management. For many Clients, managing their own investments is stressful, time consuming and restricted to a couple of options. From determining the right portfolio to achieve financial objectives, to making day-to-day decisions on buying and selling shares, managing investments can be overwhelming and easily become neglected. Our targeted, proactive and long-term approach maximises the performance of your assets and investments to best support your financial strategies. We analyse the wide investment universe to handpick ‘best of breed’ opportunities for your portfolio – and then constantly monitor market conditions, returns and performance to add real value every day.

VISIS has developed a robust Investment Management methodology to underpin our Advisers’ expertise across all key asset classes (including equities, bonds, property, and alternatives) to deliver multi-asset investment solutions down to individual funds. The methodology focuses our resources on continually planning, implementing, monitoring and reviewing Client portfolios within strategic, tactical and operational cycles.


Investment Management cycle

Strategically, VISIS utilises risk profiling and modelling software to determine optimal weightings, expected returns, associated risks, and detailed scenario analysis, for each asset class. Research coupled with expert knowledge from professional asset consultants is used to develop a strategic long term asset allocation. VISIS utilises asset allocation strategies to preserve capital when the risk of loss is perceived to be high, and to target outperformance when an attractive risk/reward opportunity arises. Our Investment Committee publishes portfolio construction models internally across all asset classes, where they focus on identifying investments with superior investment outlook and combining investments with different characteristics or styles to deliver more consistent returns relative to benchmarks without sacrificing long term performance.

Tactically, economic conditions and stockmarket changes, along with the fundamental and technical drivers of each asset class, are regularly reviewed and the potential impacts on asset allocation are assessed. As the reward for risk varies through time, VISIS has adopted a dynamic approach to investment that involves a Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) of asset class weightings within acceptable ranges or bandwidths. The TAA will therefore vary from the nominated benchmark from time to time. Following a determination of TAA, your adviser will undertake a comparative analysis of your current portfolio against the revised model. Should an exception arise where there is a significant deviation of your current portfolio from the recommended model your adviser will investigate the proposed changes and assess what action should be taken. Consideration is given to your individual circumstances and issues such as the asset purchase date, inherent capital gains to be triggered, CGT and any carried forward losses.

Your adviser will continually review your financial strategies with cash flow and liquidity in mind. To ensure sufficient capital remains on hand to fund investment strategies the default position on income is to have all dividends, rent and yield paid to a cash account. The cash balances are regularly reviewed to ensure minimum liquidity is maintained. Excess capital is then invested in line with the model should circumstances dictate.

Operationally, the successful management of your investments relies heavily upon the continuous monitoring and personalised analysis of your portfolio you hold. At an operational level we constantly evaluate threats and opportunities that may affect your investments. In the event of a flag or trigger we will contact you with an investment advice recommendation and only effect changes with your approval. Out fee-for-service is only applied to investments we provide active monitoring, management and reporting services on your behalf and in consultation with you. This excludes direct property holdings, personal assets and any investments you elect to manage. Any transactions we make are preceded by correspondence or a discussion with you and are supported by written advice.