We put your interests first – always

We consider it a privilege to help you manage, grow and protect your wealth. Our highest priority is working with you in a way that gives you clarity, and confidence that every aspect of your financial life is being expertly and responsibly managed.

Our proven wealth management approach, methodology and tools allow us to monitor and manage your full financial affairs, plan and control the performance of individual strategies, and make day-to-day decisions that drive positive outcomes.


We start by getting to know you and your financial and life goals.


We develop a cohesive, customised Private Wealth Plan that’s driven by your goals and backed by our proven strategies and expertise.


We work with you to implement your Private Wealth Plan and manage your wealth on a daily basis.


We proactively monitor your wealth management strategies and find solutions to issues or challenges.


We make changes to your plan as you grow – regularly measuring the performance of your Private Wealth Plan and refining it to suit your circumstances and maximise growth and returns.


The relationships we form with our clients are founded on a core set of values that are upheld by every member of the VISIS team.

We always act in your best interests

Genuine care and concern for our clients is at our core. Our clients are our business, so we commit to knowing who you are, what you have, what you need and most importantly, what you are trying to achieve.

Personalised & proactive service

We value our clients and pride ourselves on providing quality, proactive and ongoing service and advice that are driven by your unique financial circumstances.

Privacy, confidentiality & security

When you provide us with important personal and financial information, we are committed to ensuring that this information is stored securely and will not be distributed to any other party without prior consent.

Integrity & Professionalism

As industry professionals and members of the peak industry body, the Financial Planning Association, we commit to always acting with integrity and providing honest, ethical advice.

VISIS Private Wealth management - Awards winning Financial Advisers

Because only the best will do

We’re proud to have won some of our industry’s most coveted awards.

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