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Chris Smith, Founding Partner of VISIS Private Wealth, is an award-winning financial adviser to clients across Australia and around the world including executives, medical professionals, business owners, self-funded retirees and high net wealth individuals and families.

Honours List – Chris Smith & VISIS Private Wealth

With more than 20 years’ experience in private wealth management, Chris has worked tirelessly to build a respected advisory firm and is known for his expertise in advice and investment management and especially for his passion for helping his clients achieve financial success.

When establishing VISIS in 2001, Chris was determined to employ an approach to advising clients that set VISIS apart from the traditional financial planning services provided by large financial institutions. Today, VISIS is recognised as one of Australia’s leading private wealth firms – known for its integrity, exceptional wealth management expertise and client-first approach. VISIS is a professional practice with great people underpinning the delivery of high-quality advice and service fundamental to financial success and peace of mind. The VISIS team has a strong track record of building successful, long-term client relationships. The key is that the success of VISIS is measured by their client’s success.

VISIS is 100% privately owned and licenced meaning there are no external alliances eliminating the historical conflict of interest issues witnessed in financial planning. In an industry dominated by institutions including banks and insurance companies resulting in vertically integrated models rife with conflicts of interest, subsidised agencies and aligned advice with biased investment menus, Chris has built a business where his Clients have:

  • absolute confidence in the objectivity and quality of advice received 
  • total absence of concerns regarding the ethical or financial motives of the firm, and
  • confidence in VISIS’ long-term commitment to client centric advice.

With an appreciation for the busy lives of his Clients, Chris applies his deep industry knowledge with a personal approach to advice.  At every step, Chris is on-hand to navigate the ‘big picture’ while his team are in place to support his clients with every aspect of their financial needs. Adopting a proactive style to advising clients means he’s constantly working to identify and capitalise on new opportunities, and quickly manage changes if they arise. His honest, straightforward approach to advice enables clients to make clear, informed decisions with confidence.

The financial strategies Chris and his team develop for his clients are based on detailed knowledge of each client’s position and deep market insight. The advice is personalised to each client and finely tuned to meet their individual goals.

This welcomed personal approach is combined with a full range of services and vast expertise. VISIS has the heart of a boutique business with the resources and track record of a market leader. Every day, clients value the tailored strategies, proactive opportunities, regular check-ins, availability and responsiveness.

Effective wealth management demands a holistic, integrated approach so VISIS’ services cover investment and advice strategies, entities and structures, executive share plans, home loans, insurance as well as accounting and tax. VISIS believes this expertise across the key areas of wealth managements along with the convenience of a cohesive service at one firm makes a real difference in client’s lives.

Here’s what Chris’ clients had to say:

“I have a very trusting relationship with Chris and his team – one that means that I believe I am getting great financial advice from people who care.

“VISIS makes it very easy for you to understand the financial information being presented to you. When you are entrusting your financial situation to someone, you want to understand it.”

Chris and his team are good, honest and ethical. They have a no nonsense approach and sound understanding of the market. They look after you.

Our wealth has grown in a way that is well beyond what we first expected. This is a credit to Chris’ advice.”

“We are very financially secure because of the partnership with Chris and VISIS. This allows us to do anything that we want to do.

While providing a full range of wealth management advice and strategies, Chris and his team provides specialist knowledge in:

If you would like to meet to discuss how Chris can assist you to shape your financial future, please email him at

Are you a Medical Professional?

We look after your financial wellbeing while you’re busy looking after the wellbeing of others.

Are you a Medical Professional? We look after your financial wellbeing while you’re busy looking after the wellbeing of others.