VISIS double decade anniversary builds on
client successes

One of Australia’s leading financial advisers says persistence and good people are key ingredients for survival and success as his firm marks its 20-year anniversary this week.

Having weathered many a market force outside his control, what started as VISIS Founding Partner Chris Smith and his accountant wife Wendy’s dream in a home office two decades ago didn’t materialise into an award-winning boutique financial advisory through luck.

“VISIS started with me working from a home office for a year before leasing some space and inviting a couple of former colleagues to come over and work with me on a dream,” he said.

“That dream was to establish a market-leading firm that put clients and their interests first – always.

“Starting a firm to do it the right way, sticking to this commitment and guiding the organisation to grow to the size it is today to assist more and more clients is very rewarding.”

As the Brisbane-based company’s client-first reputation grew over the years, so too did its team.

Now a multi-partner financial planning firm with a national footprint of more than 500 active clients, VISIS prides itself on establishing strong relationships and providing strategic financial advice, particularly in times of need.

Combining forces with partners Grant Dougan, Simon Davis and John O’Brien to build a first class, fully resourced advice and investment management firm, the team has worked through mining booms and busts, real estate cycles, the global financial crisis and recovery, and more recently COVID-19.

“I feel great that we’ve been there for our clients in the worst of times helping them and making sure we have a positive influence on their lives,” Mr Smith said.

Having expanded the firm’s operation to Sydney in 2019, Mr Smith says his commitment to client welfare, generating results and making his firm an employer of choice have remained consistent, a far cry from everchanging external tides that affect small business.

“That’s what makes me tick, what makes VISIS tick and is the reason we’re still here supporting clients today, and the reason we’ll be here giving them peace of mind well into the future.”


VISIS Private Wealth is a professional practice with great people underpinning the delivery of high- quality advice and service fundamental to financial success and peace of mind.

The VISIS team has a strong track record of building successful, long-term client relationships and is 100% privately owned and licenced.